Tartu Children´s Literature Festival 2019

Dorothea Flechsig ist zu Gast vom 9. Okt.– 12. Okt. The writer of children´s books Dorothea Flechsig is invited to the festival. Her three Petronella-Books are publisched in Estonia and the children love the stories. She will present her books. The festival was launched in 2017 in cooperation between the Estonian Literary Society, Tartu Public Library and the Association of Estonian Language Teachers. Although big literary festivals such as Prima Vista in Tartu also feature programs for children and youth, this 4-day festival tries to build a bit different profile with the emphasis being on active participation and initiative of children and youth: the program offers various events where the children and youth either participate in the preparation or perform instead of just being the audience. Naturally the program also features meetings with writers both Estonian authors and foreign guests, literary tours and games in the city. The central organising team cooperates closely with schools and teachers to get the students involved.