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Dorothea Flechsig´s Glückschuh Verlag started in 2011 and publishes books and audio plays for kids with a special interest in nature and animals. A successful blend of education and entertainment. Licences are already appointed in 23 countries. All positive reviews in various media.

Pls download our Rights Cataloge and excerps in German, English and Spanish. – International Rights can be managed here. Rights are available through IPR License. – More about our Character „Petronella“ you can find here in spanish, english, german and estonian language. – Do you want to see more? Pls. contact

Rights Catalogue

Rights Catalogue Glueckschuh Verlag
Rights Catalogue Glueckschuh Verlag
Glücksschuh Verlag_right catalogue_engl.17.11.2019.pdf
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